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The Re-U-Zip reusable dust barrier zipper is a superior quality, cost-effective, and more eco-friendly solution for all your barrier entry needs.  Utilizing a simple yet innovative  hook and loop design, your dust barrier zipper can now be easily attached, adjusted, removed, and reused. Our team saw early on that the Re-U-Zip system would be a valuable contribution to the construction industry. We are excited to bring our additional line of products to the industry in the near future.



Eric Day - CTO

Eric has 19 years of experience in the emergency restoration and reconstruction industry, and has been a state licensed general contractor for the last 10. His background includes performing all aspects of projects, from basic demolition, to project management for large losses affecting commercial, residential, and government properties. Eric’s specific areas of expertise include emergency water damage restoration, mold remediation, reconstruction, and custom residential remodeling.

Today, Eric holds multiple utility patents related to construction products, and is Re-U-Zip's co-founder and Chief Technology Officer. He serves our team by sharing knowledge gained through decades of industry experience. His key responsibilities include new product identification and development, sourcing, cost estimation, manufacturing, field testing, quality control, and ensuring the delivery of excellent customer education and service. Eric is passionate about satisfying contractor needs for better tools of the trade. His extensive experience combined with a unique ability to identify issues and visualize solutions has led to the development of several innovative products. 


Kanna Sunkara - CEO

Our Co-founder and CEO, Kanna, contributes valuable experience from all faucets of business development to our company.  His background includes commercial and residential brokerage, construction, QSR store development and franchising, as well as product development.

While setting the course for company strategy and execution of new product ideas, he is passionate about delivering great products to the construction industry and helps the team navigate any hurdles to delivering both great value and great product experience to our customers. 

His ability to align incentives and create mutually beneficial relationships has led to Re-U-Zip forming valuable relationships with our suppliers, wholesalers, and large commercial accounts alike.


Ramu Sunkara - COO/CMO

Ramu is a serial entrepreneur with 17 years of experience in the fields of commercial real estate investment, franchising, and venture capital. His specific areas of expertise are operations, brand development, marketing, and accounting. He holds a B.S. from University Southern California’s Marshall School of Business in business administration.

Currently, Ramu is a co-founder of Re-U-Zip and serves as our Chief Operations Officer as well as Chief Marketing Officer. He has a great passion for driving our marketing and branding to bring our unique and innovative products to the forefront of the industry.  He believes in the value that our products bring to our customers as he takes on opportunities to continue innovating and adding value. 

Nala the Rescue - In-House Counsel